Timothy Waite Furniture & Design

Balance is the most important aspect of my work.

Balance between function and form, strength and finesse, skill and sense, time-honored tradition and new direction. For furniture design, function is paramount. Chairs need to be sat in, tables to be sat at, beds to provide dreams for generations. Integrating traditional joinery, sensible design concepts, and a modest respect for one's materials are all ways to convey a link to the long history and deep tradition of the craft.

My design aesthetic is an amalgam of many influences working at once. Inspiration often comes from the work of masters such as George Nakashima and his use of uniquely sawn, live-edge wood; Sam Maloof's inclination to the curved surface; Frank Lloyd Wright's eye for balance and overhang; the Shaker tradition of hard work and simple lines.

In 1992, I recieved a BA from the University of Vermont as a studio artist, focusing in three-dimensional design. From there I spent the next five years working as a custom designer and builder in a two person shop. I then opened my own studio where I continue exploring the possibilities of creation.